Brick House Nursery – Luray, VA

About our Nursery

What a Special Place!!

The Shenandoah National Park rises to the east, the George Washington National Forest (Massanutten range) runs along the west, with Hawksbill Creek running through the center.

Brick House Nursery resides in this very fertile, gorgeous valley.   Located just 2 hours west of the U.S. Capitol, it is a perfect spot to start a small 60 acre wholesale nursery.

Brick House Nursery’s selection of offerings will develop over time, with a focus on small trees and shrubs of noteworthy attributes.  Yes, there will be natives, or cultivars of said species, along with proven stalwarts and exciting new introductions. Our aim is to produce a healthy true-to-name specimen that will thrive and flourish in its intended location – your residence, business, or public area.

With an ample supply of water, and deep fertile Braddock and Sindion loam soils, Brick House Nursery is poised to flourish.  The abundance of natural resources will be key to our development as well as a major influence in our decision making process.   Our footprint will be aimed at the improvement and enhancement of such a special area.

Brick House Nursery is small and personal, ready to adjust and customize to the needs of our clients. Demands, wishes, and changes are more easily accomplished with a more intimate facility. Today’s projects are smaller and more customized than what was experienced in earlier times.  Brick House Nursery is poised to serve these newer demands, giving that personalized service that each project requires.

The seed has been sown.  The sun, water, and soil have come together to offer a supportive location for it’s development.  We, at Brick House Nursery, invite you to join us in the growth and evolution that lay before us.  Give us a visit, give us a call, we are here to share the journey.

Sunrise over the Shenandoah Valley
Viburnum d. 'Chicago Lustre'